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Just before the chorus, Rogers sings the refrain of friends, family, and acquaintances responding to her rapid success: You should be so happy now.

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After her last tour, she took two months off and got her motorcycle license. Dispatch Ally Betker Timothy Shivers.


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For Here Magazine Issue 07 , we caught up with her to explore her rapid ascent to fame before she set out on tour. Lucky for us, we get to witness this Empress rise. And rest assured it was quite a dream. And I thought, 'OK, great -- now I have an album to write! These songs just came to life and started telling us something that felt very urgent, and as events started to happen the album started becoming this reflection of that. A lot of our fears about the future are in the album -- but a lot of our hope is, too.

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And here's the Tarot biography in a nutshell: The boys got a deal back in with the assist of finnish pop singer Kirka! Some years later they have a comeback, and after few other albums, they fade away again in This compilation sums up all those years.

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The cd-one compiles the period between and the cd-two The first four tracks are from the debut album Spell of Iron. Even here dominate the familiar Tarot elements: Cold and twisted guitar-sound and Marco Hietala's unique vocals, though they far away from today's glory.

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The twin guitar attacks dominate the scene, and the solos are just crazy, and there are lots of them. There are minor improvements on the second album Follow me into Madness, was released two years later. The guitar-sound has changed a bit but it's still cold and twisted and there are more meloncholic guitar parts.

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  7. But there aren't no bigger changes. Four tracks have been picked from this album. Five years were spent in silence.

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    During that time, the band's line-up changed a bit. The second guitarist Mako H stepped aside and he was replaced by keyboardist Janne Tolsa, and he is responsible of the biggest change on Tarot's career. The keyboard parts gave more dimensions to Tarot's material. First album after the break and with the new keyboardist was To Live Forever, released in The music is darker, but nonetheless good.

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    There are five songs from here that album. Tarot became big in Japan in those days, so their first live album "To Live Again" was released only in there, though it was recorded in Helsinki's Tavastia club. The album has ever been released elsewhere, so it's been hard to get it's material.

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