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It has gone for a quick approval and will show up shortly on our website. Thank you for writing a review. Once the moderator approves the review, users will be able to view your review on mydala. Write a review for AstroBhambi. Upload Image. Add Photo 1 Add Photo 2. Share your review on. Disclaimer Note:- Rate-Card including prices for AstroBhambi may have changed since the last time the website was updated. However, we notice that some rationalists of the modern world call it superstition; they should be pardoned because of their unscientific bent of mind since they never studied the subject and remain quite unscientific themselves.

Ancient man has found a correlation between the movement of the sky and his archetype behaviour pattern. The great psychiatrist Carl Jung, who has worked on the human psyche and introduced a new expression of collective unconsciousness, in his working model of the human psyche, drew a highly important distinction between personal consciousness, personal unconsciousness and collective unconsciousness.

While describing the inherent structure of collective unconsciousness, he made certain exemptions that we are all part of one another and we share this unconscious mind with other fellow beings. Within the framework of collective unconsciousness lies the source of those motives which the whole world has in common. The way we inherit our physical characteristics from our parents or ancestors, the same way we inherit archetypes as a material of collective unconsciousness — an inheritance we share with the rest of mankind.

In astrology we see the subtle connectivity between the moving stars, the zodiac and human behaviour. It has been observed after doing a lot of research that a certain pattern operates between a planet and the characteristics of man. Astrology is not just confined to the Sun sign or the Moon sign, but an exhaustive horoscope can reveal accurate traits and basic characteristics of the person. If the tools of astrology are applied correctly, then the past, present and future events can be predicted with precision. A man born in Aries ascendant is quite different from a person born in Cancer ascendant.

However, there could be some similarity between Aries-ascendant people but this will not match with the Cancer-ascendant person. Just by taking birth in a particular ascendant, a person inherits certain traits and characteristics of that ascendant which is non-parallel to all other ascendants. The permutation and combination of planets create a balance that provides definite personality traits. A horoscope made on the date, time and place of birth can reveal the past, present and future of a person.

A complete horoscope runs into many pages with all the minute mathematical details. Ancient sages had laid down the principles on which different planets give particular results. There are certain yogs which also run into thousands and give the gist of results. If an astrologer is well versed with the science, has ample experience and is blessed with good intuitive wisdom, then he can always make correct predictions. The failure in interpretation or making an accurate prediction entirely falls on the person concerned.

If one is not well equipped with the subject and does not know the intricacies, there are chances of making wrong predictions. Sages were clear in their mind when defining the shashtras to the seeker.

An astrologer needs to be knowledgeable and have the right virtues. The great astrologer of Ujjain, Varahamihira describes in his book, Brihat Samhita that an astrologer should know the five other shashtras subjects besides learning astrology, for only then he can attain the mystic knowledge of astrology. Astrology primarily is the science of time. In Sanskrit, time is known as kaal and it has two distinct meanings.

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One, kaal stands for time and kaal also means death. We all are aware that time is never constant and everything in this Universe is running after time. If you are behind time, you lose the importance of it and if you are ahead of time, even then it is of no real major consequence.

Time plays an important role throughout life and if we can understand the mystery of the present time, then we can correct the mistakes of the past and build a better future of our choice. The movement of earth follows a certain pattern, which creates day and night, and years. All the planets of the solar system are well disciplined in the movements and follow a definite rhythm.

Planets generate a lot of energy during their movements and their conjunction, their aspects and other phenomena play a definite role on this world in general and on human life in particular. There are good as well as bad times which we all experience from time to time. The map of a birth chart can give us a clear picture as to where we are heading.

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However, if there is disharmony, then everything can go haywire. Astrology is a science which helps the human being to put life back on the track if anything has gone wrong on his journey in life. Sages have created an imaginary cosmic man kaal purush and have applied the principles of astrology to understand man more clearly. The cosmic man is divided into 12 parts from head to toe and every house and sign represents a particular part of the body.

The role of different planets is also defined to the minutest details.

If one observes the kaal purush correctly, then he can sharpen his intellect to understand the deepest intricacies of the subject. Cosmic energy is created by all the planets and its impact on the human being can be observed without much difficulty. If a planet is weak in the chart, then by applying the principles of kaal purush, one can understand the difficulties connected with the particular area, whether it is related to the physical, worldly or spiritual realm and how it can be overcome. One invariably stumbles on the correct analysis by applying the principles of kaal purush.

In astrology we believe that this birth is a continuation of many births which one takes and this pattern will continue until one gets liberated or attains moksha. The action or karma done in previous births decides and controls our present birth to a great extent. Perhaps this is the reason we do not have any control on the set of parents, relations, environment and other permanencies of life. There are another three sets of houses, i. There are three sets of mysterious houses, i. They denote obstacles, confinement and wastage one faces in this life.

The second house represents his belongings, i. The fourth house which rules over comforts is a clear reflection of the tenth house which represents apparent ego or karma of an individual. There are two different schools of thought regarding the calculation of the position of the planets in the sky. One is called Sayan and the other is known as Nirayan. Most of the Western countries follow the Sayan system while making horoscopes and interpreting accordingly. In India, Nirayan or geocentric sidereal longitude of the planet is vastly used.

The literal meaning of Sayan is ansh degrees and Nirayan means without ansh degree. We are giving a description of both the systems as below. Clarification of Nirayan and Sayan systems Indian or Western :. What is correct? Both cannot be correct at one time and definitely this means a lot in astrology. The followers of the Sayan system strongly recommend the usage of 22 March as entry of the Sun into Aries. We have tried to go into the root of this problem by looking at the stars physically in the sky and arriving at a conclusion that in the sky, all planets move according to the Nirayan system.

To understand it fully, let us divide the study into two parts:. This action might not be possible to undo. Are you sure you want to continue?

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ajay bhambi astrologer Ajay bhambi astrologer
ajay bhambi astrologer Ajay bhambi astrologer
ajay bhambi astrologer Ajay bhambi astrologer
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ajay bhambi astrologer Ajay bhambi astrologer
Ajay bhambi astrologer

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