East west astrology compatibility

Zodiac Sign Compatibility through the combination of Eastern and Western Astrology

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Please try again later. Format: Kindle Edition Verified Purchase. As a student of western tropical astrology I thought it would be interesting to see what that might look like when combined with Chinese astrology. The author completely disregards the planets. So instead all you get from this book is a set of sun sign blended with whatever the proper term for Chinese year signs is. Just a series of newspaper horoscopes of your sun-sign mixed with your Chinese birth-sign.

That is it.

Anyone with a passing familiarity with the full planetary astrological system of either the tropical or vedic systems would know that sun-sign alone is paltry in comparison to having the full planetary setup. This is the first time I have wanted to permanently delete a book from my kindle. I was introduced to this form of astrology from a friend who was a satanist in the 90's. He told me how satanism was of the earth and not about devil worship or having sex with four-legged farm animals. It was refreshing to see someone who was not typical on his views. I got a book similar to this one from him and was suprised to see how much formulae went into this craft.

That book had sections on rising suns and what-not and it had a very good grasp on me, even though I still don't know the hour I was born. White does a great job at her craft. If you took into account, a lacking on the hour you were born. This girl would be scary good. Format: Paperback Verified Purchase. I've been a professional astrologer for nearly 50 years. I got into it because the prevalent descriptions of my sun sign did not fit. She nailed it!! I believe that the whole chart should be analyzed, but for a description that will satisfy the curious non-professional who will never get a full-fledged birth chart analysis, you cannot beat this book.

I have always been interested in astrology but I take everything with a grain of salt. It's more for entertainment and the occasional "oh wow cool, thats SO me" moments, I don't really base any life decisions on astrology lol but it is intriguing to read up on. I got this book after I read an excerpt somewhere from Suzanne White that described me to a tee and I wanted to learn more.

This combines Eastern and Western astrologies for a more complete and diverse individual astrological profile and it really seems to describes, almost eerily accurately, my combination zodiacs and those of the people I am close to! It's fun and yet seems to ring true and it doesn't make sweeping generalizations that can fit into anybody's character profile but hones in on the stuff about you that are pretty intimate. I have found this book to be pretty accurate over the many years of having it. I'm not one to read my daily horoscope but this one is pretty accurate in describing each person personalities according to their sign.

I wore out the first one. This is my second purchase. Having Suzanne understand how the 2 Astrological guidelines work and be able to combine it into one explainative about ourselves is quite a feat.

Zodiac Months — Another Similarity

This Type of astrology is more balanced than that of eastern only or western only because a person is still left feeling like a good percent doesn't describe them. Mainly any astrology is just a guideline to understanding a persons character so that we can all communicate better and even use our attributes in the right areas of life, weather in career, families, friends, or aquaintences.

This helps open up and enlighten any who read on their own level. I suggest this book or share this book when the situation calls for it, and then the situation at hand gets better understood and tolerated. Keep it for your own reference! One person found this helpful.

Was looking for something that finally combined Western and Eastern astrology and so found it here! This book is amazing. You may find something interesting as far as matches go. This book is great, despite its cookie-cutter-life character depictions, it's also enlightening and refreshing.

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Western Astrological Signs

Definitely check it out! This is my second copy of this book. Lent it to a friend and was never returned. This book is a wonderful fusion of Western and Eastern astrology, giving spot on character profiles that are delightful and positive. This book isn't about forecasting in the traditional horoscope sense, but provides insight into ones own nature from a new perspective.

Everyone I've shown this book to has had loads of fun going through it and saying "That's so me!

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Western and Chinese Zodiac, Astrology, Horoscopes Compatibility Test

Kris Brandt Riske. However, "professional" or conventional Chinese astrology mainly uses the traditional solar calendar when it comes to making predictions and laying out horoscopes. In this method, a year begins on February 4th within a day. The Western astrological calendar is based on the Earth's orbit around the sun and resulting celestial alignment , which gives every zodiac month a set date within a day , lasting between 29 and 31 days.

This is why Western zodiac star signs are also known as sun signs. Chinese astrology places emphasis on the lunar phase at the time of your birth. There are four moon phases: new moon, waxing moon, full moon, and waning moon. New moon types are those seeking innovative environments, waxing moon people are known for being hard working, full moon types are diplomatic, while waning moon people desire peaceful surroundings. While still playing a role in sensitive areas, in Western astrology the planets are seen as more important factors.

The Chinese astrology system identifies five elements : fire, earth, metal, water, and wood. Each element is linked to motivating forces in your life.

Planets in Astrology

Because the animals are on year cycles and there are five elements, the entire Chinese zodiac-element cycle lasts 60 years. In this system, each sign has a fire, earth, metal, water, and wood variety depending on your birth year. In the Western system , only four elements are identified: fire, earth, air, and water, and each element is associated with three signs with psychological features.

Each sign has one element associated with it. A feature of the Chinese zodiac that is incomparable to anything in the West is that it is bad luck when your year comes around every 12 years you "offend the god of age". Your horoscope is no more unlucky or lucky than usual in your Western zodiac month. Pigs beware in a Pig year. Read more here about how to make sure you're lucky in your zodiac year. We've got plenty of tour options, whether you already know what you want to see , or are only just starting to research your first trip to China.

We have even compiled a list of the four best cities to visit for Chinese New Year , if you want to experience the biggest of the Chinese celebrations. If you are interested in fortune telling, make sure you tell us ahead of time , and we can arrange for a Chinese fortune telling at one of China's many temples. AU: UK: All: The Chinese zodiac.

east west astrology compatibility East west astrology compatibility
east west astrology compatibility East west astrology compatibility
east west astrology compatibility East west astrology compatibility
east west astrology compatibility East west astrology compatibility
east west astrology compatibility East west astrology compatibility

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