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The hair and the leadership qualities. Yeah leadership, when you don't know what the heck is all about and people make you the leader.

The First House Of Self, Appearance, And First Impression

Now I understand. I too had problems with the duality nature of each Zodiac on me. I had all the elements. My own self fighting each other. I get pointed often as leader because of my Leo Rising, I come up as very confident as Leo want the attention, Capricorn sure want it for status but worried of the insecure dealings of possible future, Gemini want it so I can talk all the informations inside my head and outsmart everyone, but Pisces want to run away and hide because suddenly I can suffer of low self-esteem and feel the emotion of all people in the room that makes me want to jam my head somewhere because of the emotionless decision I made as leader.

Your Sun, Moon and Rising Signs

I have an afro and it had a hole in it and im soo frustrated that i left my pick at home lol im asking coworkers do they have a comb as we speak lol. I like a lot about my Leo rising but it gets in the way with my cancer friends sometimes I am Taurus sun so I give good chill vibes at times but sometimes it to much for others cancer friends when I am in school I draw attention some or fine most are like eh rather you not XD. I use heated curlers and comb my hair with my fingers.. Most likely I believe that pisces represents divine One-ness, vibration on a Universal frequency.

It's why they are one of the chameleons of the zodiac. They easily absorb the traits of someone else. They are the mixture of all 11 signs.

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And if you're a pisces sun and ascendant leo like me, chances are that you're a sensitive, wise watery lioness with beautiful big eyes and amazing hair. I find both traits in me and I attract both negative and positive signs easily! How do you relate to these symbols? Do you relate better to one than the others? Love astrology. Your email address will not be published. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment.

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. It could give certain characteristics that are outside the average spectrum of appearance. Thick, strong and long hair, even for men, or the exact opposite; a powerful bold head, deprived of hair and even as shiny as the Sun. We should not forget that Leo is a fire sign, and fire signs as Ascendants are, at least, rumored to burn the hair. The face of the natives with a Leo Ascendant is usually wide, with a strong forehead. The Sun is the ruler of the day, and whoever baths in its golden rays will have a tanned and thick skin, while the light that surrounds them will lighten burn the color of their hair.

The eyes, too, are rarely dark; usual tones are hazel and green-ish.

Sun in Pisces — Rising in Leo

We are speaking here about the exact opposite of the Cancer archetype, where the Moon ruler of the night will grant the native white skin and black hair. Thus, Leo rising will make the individual appear strong and sanguine. Other characteristics that such people can have are bushy and masculine eyebrows. Leo Rising gives a person who deliberately shows off his appearance. He feels like the King and with his image wants to make it clear to others. Loud and enthusiastic, optimistic and open; yet always ready to also get in a fight when their feeling of power is being threatened by other similar individuals.

Self-confident and arrogant, they will try to become the center of the universe. Most of the times, they are indeed liked by other people; the reason behind it is probably their out-going character, which may indeed lift the spirits of the whole group of people they belong to.

Sun in 1st house in Leo for Leo Ascendant in Astrology

The sign of Leo gives people who like to physically take part in activities that are fun. No matter if it is sports, partying or performing, they have an inner need to feed their inner desire of inducing joy.

Your Sun, Moon, and Ascendant

They may like performing some art or acting as a hobby or even a profession, and will always feel beautiful when they are observed and admired by others. Leo is the natural ruler of the 5th house, which represents the life area of recreation, fun and flirt.

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  4. In addition, the fifth house is ruling children, and Leos always hide a child inside them that they are not even afraid to show. They like competition, hate to lose and will prefer to have around them either people that are inferior, or that cannot excel in the same fields than they do.

    They will always get along very well with people that have totally different abilities, strengths and even interests, as they will not feel subconsciously threatened of losing their crown. You will find Leo Ascendants anywhere there is action, fun and socializing together. Also, you will frequently find them in front of a mirror. In their relationships, natives with a Leo Ascendant tend to be rather selfish — without even understanding it. Leo rising people see their own selves as their priority, yet it is something done on a subconscious level and they might not notice it.

    Yet, they develop strong feelings of protection towards their beloved ones. When they feel that someone who is theirs is under a threat, they will stand in front of him to defend him. They flirt a lot, get enthusiastic over a person easily, but this can wear off rather quickly. In any case, when it comes to their connection to other people, their physical needs and more animalistic urges are certainly of greater importance than the security and romanticism. Leo Rising people are famous for having rather robust bodies. The Sun makes them rather endurable as organisms, both on a physical and on a psychological level.

    Leo, as a sign, rules our heart, our spine and our back. Always have in mind that any planet present near the Ascendant point will definitely alter both the physical appearance and the characteristics of the native. We could say that in the first 10 degrees of the first house it will have the strongest influence on the Ascendant, while also the last 5 degrees of the 12th house. To understand better your body, your Ego and how they function you should analyze all those planetary influences. This is why knowing your Ascendant does not necessarily mean jumping to correct conclusions about your life.

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